Sternasafe, active sternum support band


SternaSafe is an active sternum support band which is used immediately after open heart surgery. SternaSafe reduces: respiratory complications, risk on sternal wound infection, it makes the patient more independent and mobile. The patient has less pain during coughing, sneezing etc., and reduced stress on the surgical wound

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Many cardiac and thoracic surgeons are using SternaSafe. SternaSafe is used routinely in many heart centers worldwide for:

  • Sternotomy
  • CABG
  • Thoracotomy
  • Lung operations
  • Rib fractures

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The patient can actively and on any moment when needed, operate the SternaSafe when needed during coughing, sneezing, moving, physiotherapy exercises.

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Now also available in Asia.
SternaSafe is used in many heart centers worldwide. Now also available in Asia.

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